About Sonia

After years of questioning and knowing something wasn’t right, finally I found the answer and the peace I had been seeking. Throughout most of my life up to that point, the concept of the Judeo-Christian god that I was presented with was distant, cruel and very punishing. That god seemed to not want me as a female to partake in any role that would enable me to venerate him or to have any level of influence on my community. For some strange reason, that god saw me as less than.


So when that moment happened in Glastonbury, England, my eyes cried tears of freedom. I had been on a spiritual retreat and after days of one incredible mystical experience after another, I was given the missing piece of the puzzle. SHE came to me … an aspect of the Divine Feminine. In the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, She made me feel it was okay to be female. That it wasn’t only okay, but that it was beautiful and divine. Without any words, She whispered into my heart that She exists and loves me.  Immediately I was at peace and knew I had found a vital part of me that was missing.


Since then, I’ve been on a tremendous spiritual and healing journey in which I’ve come to know more about who I am at a soul level and why I’m here now. I’ve traveled to sacred sites around the world always following the guidance I’ve been given. I’ve done everything my Higher Self has asked me to do no matter the financial cost or how it will seem to impact my life. Why? Because I have so much faith and trust in myself and the divine plan that has been orchestrated for me by Sophia God and my Higher Self. I know I have an important mission to fulfill in this lifetime and regardless of how difficult yet extraordinarily beautiful it has been, I'm determined to make it happen.



I’m here to act as a vessel for the Divine and in particular, the Divine Feminine. She comes through me in several ways; a unique healing energy and through my singing voice when I channel Her through sound. It’s no surprise to me that I was a professional singer prior to all of this. It was so I could have the experience and be grounded enough to present Her in the way She wants to reach people through me now.


I offer myself as a channel, a vessel and a sonic oracle for the pure light and wisdom of Sophia Christ Light. I give the work of the session over to the higher power of Sophia God. This combined with an impenetrable faith and desire of the person receiving is when true miracles can occur.


A few more things:

  • In no way do I believe the Divine Feminine is for women only. God is the Divine Mother and Divine Father. We as souls created in God's image are both feminine and masculine. I lovingly welcome men to any healing service, program or event I host. It’s my heart’s prayer that both women and men remember and embrace the Divine Mother while opening to the true aspects of the loving, supportive Divine Father.
  • I’m very much devoted to the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code®, channeled by Kaia Ra. It forms the foundation of my spiritual beliefs and the work I do in this world is a reflection of that. I've been a proud student in The Sophia Code® Modern Mystery School since its inception.
  • In addition to my studies in The Sophia Code® Modern Mystery School, I have certifications in:
    • Sophia Circle Leader®
    • Usui Reiki Master Level
    • Sekhem Advanced Level
    • Ipsalu Tantra™ Kriya Yoga Level 2
  • I have participated in many other courses, conferences and events




"On June 3rd, 2019, I had craniotomy surgery to have a brain tumor removed. It was a scary time for me and my family. One of the things that really helped me was a healing circle I was a part of led by Sonia Tavares. During the healing process I saw beautiful colours and distinctly heard "mother Sophia" tell me that I would be ok and that she would take care of me. I had not yet heard of The Sophia Code. During the healing circle I was certain that I would be ok and I was. The healing sound that was channeled by Sonia was angelic and transcendent. It felt like a warm and reassuring hug from the universe; one of the best things I could have done prior to surgery. After surgery I received another healing session from Sonia and again the golden ones assured me that I would be ok. I have now begun my own journey with The Sophia Code thanks to Sonia and I definitely know it is helping me and my brain to heal, change, grow and become the embodiment of the energy I was meant to be here on earth. Thank you Sonia for being a healing light and showing the way".



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