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How I Came to Know I am a Devotee of Divine Mother

divine feminine divine mother glastonbury goddess goddess of avalon kaia ra the sophia code Apr 06, 2021
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At the moment of writing this, I am several weeks away from the sixth anniversary of my true awakening and remembrance of the Divine Feminine. It happened while on a retreat in Glastonbury, England. I won’t go into the story here but it was beautiful, filled with mystical moments and was the biggest turning point of my life. The moment that birthed my eventual knowing of who I am at the soul level; a devotee of Divine Mother.

My remembrance liberated me into knowing that God is feminine … too. With my Catholic upbringing, the thought of that being possible never solidified in my mind prior to my awakening, even though I had always been a feminist. The programming against the Divine Feminine is so apparent to me now.

For so many years, I was really angry at the masculine God portrayed in the Bible. I resented him and his controlling, jealous ways. I felt no love from or for that God.

And so, my awakening was the blessing that filled my heart with love. She didn’t come to me as Divine Mother though, She came initially as the Goddess of Avalon, through a week-long series of events that led me directly to finding Her. Glastonbury is considered to be the physical location of the mystical legend of Avalon and there is a vibrant Goddess community there, centred around the very real and palpable presence of the Goddess of Avalon.

For the first few months afterwards, I spoke with the Goddess of Avalon as I tried to get to know Her and receive answers to the many questions I had. Eventually, I began to wonder if indeed I needed to be communicating with the Goddess of Avalon. I felt I needed to go deeper. To me, she didn’t represent the supreme Creator and that is who I needed to be talking to. I moved on to calling Creator, Goddess or the Divine Feminine.

The next pivotal moment of my journey happened in 2016 when I was guided to the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code. When I read that divine masterpiece for the first time, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Goddess became Divine Mother.

The Sophia Code was channeled by a woman named Kaia Ra. In the preface of the book, God reveals to Kaia Ra, “I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life!” (The Sophia Code, Pg xiv). Right there! Yes, Divine Mother!!! My heart was soothed and my body elated.

Sophia goes on to say, “Yes, I am that one Source Light pointed to by the innumerable names for God within all spiritual revelation. I am every name of God and I am also that which is beyond a name for God: for any title can only point to a quality of my ineffable mysteries. You can call me “The Source,” you can call me “The Sophia,” or you can call me “She Who Has No Name,” for I am that which is within all names, including Holy Father.” (The Sophia Code, Pg 4).

There is one other passage that always stands out for me. “The Sophia Code Cosmology spirals out from a single point of origin, celebrating Sophia as the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, including She who birthed the Divine Masculine as a revelation of Her own sovereign nature.” (The Sophia Code, Pg 31).

Divine Mother created her Divine Masculine, truly being the Mother of All. It is in knowing Her as the Creatrix of All Life, that I can point to why my soul is so deeply devoted to Her. I believe that even Divine Father bows down to Her, in devotion to His creator.

I know I’ve lived many lifetimes in devotion to Divine Mother. I’m amazed it took me so long to remember Her and this fact about my soul. Of course, everything comes in divine timing. I certainly wouldn’t trade my precious experiences for anything.

After many years of searching, I can now say that the core of my work here is to return humanity’s heart to Divine Mother. It’s an honour for me to do this alongside many others, in this most pivotal time on Earth.

May you feel Divine Mother in your heart precious one!



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P.S. I now have a better understanding that the true Divine Masculine is absolutely not the God of the Bible. I still have much healing to do around Divine Father/Divine Masculine and am a declared work in progress!



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Sonia Tavares is a Vocal Sound Healer and Intuitive, channeling powerful frequencies and messages from Ascended Masters, her Higher Self, Divine Mother God and other Divine Beings/Frequencies of Light. She is here to help humanity reconnect to the Divine Feminine and in particular to our Divine Mother God.

The predominant theme in her work is getting to the core of one’s self-empowerment and harvesting its ever-flowing radiance. All of this, to help heal humanity and contribute to the process of creating New Earth now.

We are sovereign. We are healed. We are abundant. We are Divine!