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How I Came to Know I am a Devotee of Divine Mother

At the moment of writing this, I am several weeks away from the sixth anniversary of my true awakening and remembrance of the Divine Feminine. It happened while on a retreat in Glastonbury, England. I won’t go into the story here but it was beautiful, filled with mystical moments and was the biggest turning point of my life. The moment that birthed my eventual knowing of who I am at the soul level; a devotee of Divine Mother.

My remembrance liberated me into knowing that God is feminine … too. With my Catholic upbringing, the thought of that being possible never solidified in my mind prior to my awakening, even though I had always been a feminist. The programming against the Divine Feminine is so apparent to me now.

For so many years, I was really angry at the masculine God portrayed in the Bible. I resented him and his controlling, jealous ways. I felt no love from or for that God.

And so, my awakening was the blessing that filled my heart with love. She didn’t...

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