Personalised Channeled Song

for Divine Activation

Ignite your relationship with your Higher Self

In an online session, I will ask you to set your intentions and prayers for your desired outcome prior to the channeling so they are encoded into the activation.


     I will then channel for you your own personal song that will ignite your connection to your Higher Self.


It will be recorded live and sent to you to listen to for a number of consecutive days as designated by your Higher Self.


Potential Outcomes:


  • By doing this, you decide to up-level your life by taking this initiatory step in declaring that you want to improve your connection and relationship with your Higher Self.
  • The song will help improve your ability to tune into the guidance from your Higher Self and to grow your conscious desire to be in a daily dialogue with it.
  • You will build stronger trust with the guidance you receive and feel more love for yourself.
  • You will begin to understand how powerful and divine your Higher Self is. You will likely want to commence or become more devoted to the process of embodying your Higher Self.

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