Serenity through Change - Your Own Channeled MP3 of Mother Mary Healing Frequencies

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A message from Ascended Master Mother Mary.

“Just as I have always been, I am with you now. I am with you to support and love you as you courageously navigate living life at this important time on Earth of incredible change. You came here as a soul ready and willing to usher in this change. Thank you for your service!

Through the healing frequencies I will emit through Sonia’s powerful voice, you can listen at times when you feel stressed, frustrated or angry. You can listen when you need to feel comforted and loved. You can listen to dive deep and resource your own inner strength, courage and wisdom that already knows what to do and how to deal with what is happening in your world. Listen and connect to your own inner peace.

I am with you now”.   Mother Mary

In this twenty-minute personalized vocal sound transmission, I will channel Mother Mary’s healing frequencies and send them to you as an audio recording that you can listen to any time you need.

As Mother Mary mentions, the overall theme of this personalized healing is to help you through the stresses and fears of living through these next few years of immense changes on Earth. She has let me know that you can also send specific requests or prayers for a few things you would personally like help with. These requests must be for yourself and not anyone else.

Listen to an Audio Sample

If you feel called to purchase this for someone as a gift, please be sure to tell them and ask for their permission first. I cannot channel a healing for them without their consent and I will ask for confirmation of this.

Please allow for at least one week to receive the mp3. It may be less, depending on demand.

I look forward to channeling for you this powerful and loving blessing from Mother Mary!


What People Are Saying:

We are all energy and energy contains a vibration. Sound contains a vibration and the healing that comes through Sonia’s voice is pure sound healing! I could feel the lightness in my heart and the energy of Mother Mary throughout the time I listened to the audio. I felt peaceful and joyful afterwards. I can’t wait to listen to it again! Thank You Sonia and Mother Mary.

Sheila Franzen

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