My Story

Inner Knowing


I’ve known since I was a child that I have something important to do here.


Something that will have a great effect on many people.

My First Calling


At 15 years old, I was inspired to learn how to sing. I ended up taking nearly ten years of Classical singing lessons and eventually became a part-time professional singer focusing on another style of passionate music, the Portuguese fado.
I thought connecting to people's hearts by singing was how i would make an impact.
Eventually, spirituality became more profound in my life. I always had a spark of interest in the divine. In my Catholic elementary school, I was consistently able to answer questions about Bible stories. In university, one of my majors ended up being religion. It was in my thirties that I began to have profound spiritual awakenings and direct contact from divine beings.


The first came as an almost lightning-like feeling of energy penetrating my skull from up above. It gave me the message to explore energy healing as something that I should do.
Initially, I was very surprised by this but it quickly began to make sense and I dove into learning several modalities and offering sessions.

The next came a few years later when I had the most beautiful awakening to the Divine Feminine while on retreat in Glastonbury, England.


This was a pivotal milestone my soul had planned for me; to remember my devotion to what I now know is


Divine Mother God.


A few months later I received some information about specific energy frequencies that I would channel. I was also told that one of the main ways that I would channel them would be through my singing voice.


I didn't know what to do with this information and it was a little too much for me to take in. It resulted in me stepping away from offering sessions because I was afraid and needed to sort out what this meant.


  • What was this energy?
  • How do I channel it?
  • Why was I the one given this responsibility?
  • What did this mean about me and who I am as a soul?


I went through years of soul searching and self-healing.
It became clear that travel to sacred sites around the world was an important aspect of how I would come to find answers, clear resistances and also receive the sacred codes my soul needed me to be baptized in, to help me remember.
At these sacred sites, Ascended Masters began to visit me. They orchestrated experiences that awakened me deeply to the fact that the divine wants to work through me. They let me know there is important work for me to do and that I have previously done aspects of this work in other lifetimes.


Over time,

I became more confident and assured of my abilities.


Amidst all of this, I learned about Ascension and the aspect of the soul that is the Higher Self. Ascension (at the lower self/physical level) is the process of clearing all of one’s karma followed by the gradual embodiment of the Higher Self into the lower self’s holy heart. The choice to be on the Ascension path was immediate for me and I am now very devoted to it.
I am currently a 7th Initiate which means I have cleared my karma, have left the cycle of reincarnation and my Higher Self has descended into my holy heart. 

True Calling


Through all these experiences, I have come to know that I am here to serve Divine Mother/Divine Father God, my Higher Self and the entirety of my soul.  I am here to help our Earth ascend, by ascending myself and by helping others to free themselves, so they can also ascend. 
I am supported by Ascended Masters and other divine beings who guide me and who are willing to support those who seek their assistance.
The many years I studied singing and sang professionally, I now know were in preparation for this incredible work I am truly here to do. When I channel divine frequencies through my singing voice, there are so many times that I am astounded by what comes through me and brought to tears by the sheer brilliance of what the divine communicates.


And one of the things they consistently communicate
session after session is that



The underlying theme in any session or program I offer is that we are powerful.
You can uncover your inner strength and develop your ability to STAND in YOUR POWER.


Many of us are here to build the New Earth and we must stand in our power to do so.


Join me and receive direct healing, guidance and empowerment from the Divine!

Stand in Your Power with Hathor and Sekhmet


Even though your empowerment is the underlying theme of all of  my work, this individual session specifically focuses on helping you to Stand in Your Power with the Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Sekhmet.
Get ready to roar!


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Sonia Tavares is an Oracle of Sacred Sound, Healer and Intuitive, channeling powerful frequencies and messages from Ascended Masters, her Higher Self and other Divine Beings/Frequencies of Light. 

The predominant theme in her work is getting to the core of one’s self-empowerment and harvesting its ever-flowing radiance. All of this, to help heal humanity and contribute to the process of creating New Earth now.

"We are sovereign. We are powerful. We are abundant. We are Divine!"   ~ Sonia Tavares