You are either new to the spiritual path or have been on it for some time.


You want to be in alignment with your divinity. You want to get to that point in which your heart and entire body pulsate the immense love inside of you. That part of you filled with such passion for being exactly who you are because you have uncovered your brilliant light.


It’s a journey and a process. It’s one that I’ve been on and am still on. Along the way, I’ve learned so much and I know I’m here to help people discover and uncover their brilliance while also bringing them to the Divine Feminine.


In my journey, I learned that I have a unique healing energy that only I channel. I also channel healing and divine sound which I sing. These precious gifts are the main components of how I can help you in your process.


Take a look at the individual services I offer below. All take place online.

Divine Mother Channeled Healing

Feel Her embrace in this healing from Divine Mother.

Be energetically held in love and in oneness with the Creatrix of All Life. Receive blessings and healing through channeled energy and song. Step into peace and serenity.

Bless Me Mother

I Am Light Channeled Reading

Receive guidance, loving support and next steps from Higher Conscious beings in this channeled reading. Feel comforted in knowing all is well and be inspired to take action.

I Am Ready

Stand in Your Power with Hathor and Sekhmet

Activate your courage, inner strength, power, will and determination to be that which you naturally are. Your root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras will be activated.

Feel my Roar!

Journey into deep healing in this 4-Month Immersion

Confidently step into becoming that which you know you are meant to be. Become the You that is spiritually aligned, empowered and radiating blissful love.

Yes, absolutely!

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