Stand in Your Power with Hathor and Sekhmet


You were born into this life at such an important time in Earth’s history because your soul was equipped to handle and contribute to the transition into the New Earth. It is vital that you are ready, strong and resilient as we spend the next many years anchoring in more and more light onto Earth and creating much change.


It is time to activate your courage, inner strength, power, will and determination to be that which you naturally are.


Etherically enter the Temple of Dendera in Egypt where Ascended Master/Goddess Hathor and Goddess Sekhmet will lovingly hold you and then bathe you in healing, clearing and the activation of codes that will anchor in the qualities listed above.


As I channel their energy, sounds and messages, Hathor and Sekhmet will focus on your root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras. Be prepared to make sound as part of your throat chakra activation.


Step into your power and courage. Emanate your magnificent Light. You came here to do this!


1 hour

$229 CAD


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