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Oracle of Sacred Vocal Sound, Healer and Intuitive


Free Series with Mother Mary - Be a Beacon of Light!


Join this 6-part series!

Just as Mother Mary appeared to 3 children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, we will receive messages and channeled vocal sound frequencies from her, starting May 13 and then the 13th of every month until October 13.

She is calling out to those who want to be a Beacon of Light in this world. Is that you?



You are here to be a part of massive change on this planet. Do you feel that deep within you?


The Earth is ascending and so is humanity. It will be a New Earth of freedom, peace, extraordinary love, abundance and joy.


In choosing to contribute to these changes, it is important to:


  • go within and heal the deep layers of emotional wounding, from this lifetime and other lifetimes

  • break free from the programming we all receive that keeps us small, unaware of our innate power and that consistently (and successfully) tries to separate us

  • know that you are divine, sovereign and powerful. Integrate this into your mind, heart and body.

  • live life from this new way of being.


You are divinely ordained to prosper, be healthy, filled with love and joy, fulfillment and peace.

Let's create this world together!

Welcome, precious one!


I am Sonia. I channel healing frequencies and messages from an array of masterful, divine beings such as Ascended Masters, Angels and others.


Through my powerful singing voice, these benevolent beings transmit their healing frequencies directly to you for an experience unlike any other.


You will be transformed!


More about me
Sonia Tavares holding hands in shape of a chalice

"If one is receptive to the healing voice of Sophia (God) that comes through Her channel Sonia, one can experience deep communion with God-consciousness".

Leyolah Antara

Featured Healing Opportunities

Be blessed by the Divine:

Ignite Your Radiance Healing
Come with an open heart and receive healing for that which is troubling you. Allow the channeled vocal frequencies to bring you into alignment with your divinity and power.
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I Am Light Channeled Reading
Receive guidance, loving support and next steps from Higher Conscious beings in this channeled reading. 
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Journey to Meet your Inner Child
Go on your own unique guided journey to meet and connect with your inner child. Feel tremendous love for and from her/him. A relationship with your inner child is so important.
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Dive into your healing journey with Compassion Key sessions


Compassion Key is a tremendous healing tool to tenderly get to the root causes of your "issues" and begin to heal them. Be led in giving yourself compassion for the difficult things you have gone through in life.


Take this step towards letting go of your emotional pain and blocks.


(I am a certified Compassion Key Master Practitioner and Circle Leader.)


Step into Self-Compassion

Experience Sacred Sound

Watch this video of me channeling sacred sound next to the root chakra of the world, Mount Shasta, in northern California.


Be Immersed in Divine Mother's Love

Receive a free 30-minute Vocal Sound Healing channeling from Divine Mother God.


Be Immersed in Divine Mother's Love

Receive a free 30-minute Vocal Sound Healing channeling from Divine Mother God.



Sonia Tavares is an Oracle of Sacred Sound, Healer and Intuitive, channeling powerful frequencies and messages from Ascended Masters, her Higher Self and other Divine Beings/Frequencies of Light. 

The predominant theme in her work is getting to the core of one’s self-empowerment and harvesting its ever-flowing radiance. All of this, to help heal humanity and contribute to the process of creating New Earth now.

"We are sovereign. We are powerful. We are abundant. We are Divine!" ~ Sonia Tavares