Devotion to

Divine Mother

Healing Humanity through Her Grace and Love


Vocal Sound Healing, Intuitive Readings, Sophia Circle Journeys® and more.


You, are not broken.


You are a precious soul on a journey with a mission to fulfill.


Obstacles and miracles were placed on your path so that you could over time uncover the many layers of who you really are.

Your soul was created by God and has a deep and profound relationship with Her.
As an aspect of God, you are powerful and encoded with love.


It’s time to step into the exploration of just how incredible you are.


To bask in the glow of your own light.

To surrender into the arms of your Divine Mother.
She embraces and loves you like no other.
She excitedly and patiently awaits as you make the decision to remember Her.
Oh, the ecstasy of this reunion!

Hi! I’m Sonia.

I live my life in devotion to Divine Mother. The work I do here, whether directly or indirectly, is all about returning humanity to the heart of Divine Mother. For most, She has been forgotten for a long time. The truth is She has never left us.

Let's gather again, like we did long ago, and call upon Her to heal us. Let's come into alignment by being immersed in Her love.

I channel a very unique energy and healing light. Divine Mother works through me as I channel frequencies directly from Her. This comes through as powerful vocal melodic sounds and energy.  I also channel other frequencies from benevolent beings of Light who are helping humanity and Mother Earth, at this time.

I'm an intuitive and receive information that can guide you on your spiritual and healing journey.

Additionally, I'm a Sophia Circle Facilitator®, guiding people through a beautiful journey of inner-exploration based on the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code®.

Be Immersed in Divine Mother's Love.

Receive a free channeled 30-minute Vocal Sound Healing from Divine Mother.

Channeling Sound at Mt Shasta

Listen to Sonia channel healing sound.


"If one is receptive to the healing voice of Sophia (God) that comes through Her channel Sonia, one can experience deep communion with God consciousness."

Leyolah Antara

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