Calling In My Beloved and Creating Sacred Relationship Program

Is there an aching in your heart for your special someone? Your Beloved, your Sacred Partner? Have you been on the spiritual path for a while, grown to love yourself, and yet know you are meant to expand in love and be in Divine Service through Sacred Relationship?

If so, the Ascended Master Mary Magdalene would like to help you in this very powerful 4-session, channeled program.

Yes, I've been waiting lifetimes!

Journey into deep healing in this 4-Month Immersion

Confidently step into becoming that which you know you are meant to be. Become the You that is spiritually aligned, empowered and radiating blissful love.

Yes, absolutely!

Sophia Circle Journeys®

Dive deep into the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code® in this powerful and healing 13-week circle journey. Be mentored by Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.

Transform your life!

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