Divine Mother Channeled Healing Session


Surrender into the loving and healing embrace of your Divine Mother, Sophia God. Grant yourself this precious moment to viscerally feel Her love and to receive the healing gifts She desires to bless you with.


Come as a blank slate; as a child who simply wants to receive love and gifts from its mother or come with specific requests for healing.


During this session, as you lie or sit comfortably, I will channel the energy She brings forth through me and send it to you. I will also channel the sounds/melodies She guides me to sing. These vibrations and sonic waves will seep into your being and ultimately into your heart. You will have an experience that is unique to you and different each time you have a session.


You will receive what you are meant to receive at the current stage of your spiritual progression.



Potential Outcomes:


  • Receive healing on many levels.


  • Feel held, loved and a closer bond with your Divine Mother. You are never alone; She is always in your heart. You are a part of Her.


  • Intentionally create trust and faith that you have been blessed and that She, along with your Higher Self have orchestrated a perfect plan for your best life to unfold.


  • Decide to step into a consciousness that is in alignment with receiving miracles. It is your divine right to expect miracles and to learn to be in your power so that you can create miracles in your life!


Sessions are held online through video interfacing (you will receive link to connect to video).


1 hour

$184 CAD

"I had the most profound sound healing session with Sonia. I went into the session feeling a deep burden weighing me down but as soon as Sonia began her sounding, things began to shift for me very quickly. Her toning was very activating, the vibrations reverberated within me and it was as though the sound itself was moving me. I recalled during our session wondering where this sound was coming from as there was so much happening.
Sonia tended to our session in a very compassionate way, she was truly companioning me as the sound moved through her, I felt very safe to receive. I loved the messages she shared with me too at the end of our session. That one session moved what felt like a boulder in my path. I am so grateful for the powerful gift Sonia has."
Dheepa Nedungat, New Zealand

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