Ignite My Radiance Healing

My Signature Channeled Vocal Sound Healing

In this powerful healing session, you will be spiritually supported by divine beings who come to guide you and help you heal. I will create a sacred, safe space in which you and I will be immersed in their sacred energies.

You will have an opportunity to express your anguish, to be witnessed and heard without judgement. I will then call upon the divine beings (Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, or others) who specifically want to help you. It could be that they are already connected to you, that they have an expertise in what will be most beneficial for you or that they are part of a team that works on what you need help with. Either way, they love you and have tremendous respect for you and your free will.

I will then channel vocal sound frequencies from these beings. When I channel one, the others work on you with their frequencies as well. It could be that several frequencies are channeled at once.

You may feel things happening energetically in your body or within your aura. This is because much of what you don’t need is being released from you.

You will also receive channeled messages from them. Their words are always loving, supportive and empowering.

This is a very unique experience that will assist you to excel on your spiritual journey and in life. It is an act of self-love to be blessed by these powerful healing frequencies.


1 hour

$209 CAD

(approximately $155 USD)


Sonia Tavares is an Oracle of Sacred Sound, Healer and Intuitive, channeling powerful frequencies and messages from Ascended Masters, her Higher Self and other Divine Beings/Frequencies of Light. 

The predominant theme in her work is getting to the core of one’s self-empowerment and harvesting its ever-flowing radiance. All of this, to help heal humanity and contribute to the process of creating New Earth now.

"We are sovereign. We are powerful. We are abundant. We are Divine!"   ~ Sonia Tavares                                                                                                                                                                                      


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