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The Morning Green Man Serenaded Me!

So, while journaling this morning, I had a very unexpected visitor. I've been journaling almost every morning for the last few weeks calling in whichever Ascended Master (or other Being of Light) wants to share with me. Today, well, Green Man was the keynote speaker! Prior to this, I knew of Green Man but had never connected to him before.
He introduced himself by saying, "I uplift the elementals and kingdoms into rejoicing about life, rebirth, creation and vivacity. And so now I come to uplift you!"
He then told me was going to sing to me and gave me these lyrics:
"Praise the One inside
The sacred heart of all.
May all your fears subside
So you can stand very proud and tall.
You may hear whispers
or gentle brooks flow.
Know they are the murmurs
of your courageous heart aglow.
All is joyful here with me!
All is joyful wherever you may be!"
Interesting way to officially meet Green Man! Welcome to the crew!
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